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Announcement time!

I have a couple exciting announcements!

First, the Pan Rocks RUSH EP was released today!  It is available for download on most digital platforms, including the Pan Rocks website.  Click here to get your copy:  Pan Rocks Downloads!

Second, I am very excited to announce that I will be traveling to General Roca, Argentina this summer as a Jazz Soloist with the Cultural Foundation Jazz Ensemble during the International Patagonia Percussion Festival!  I will share the schedule when it is released, but there will be 3 concerts in 2 cities and at least one masterclass.  It should be a blast!

Lastly, the March Jazz Trials will be held on the 28th.  It will feature Celebrity Bar Tenders from the Oswego Senior Center, raising funds for activities and upgrades at the center!  See you there!  NO COVER, GREAT BEER, LIVE JAZZ!

Thanks for checking in!  Keep an eye on the Schedule page for upcoming performances.

— mike

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