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Corona – Making due

This comes as no surprise, but this virus has caused major disruptions to the music world (the WHOLE world really).  Artists all over the world are trying to find ways to stay relevant and productive during this unprecedented downtime.  Keep an eye on YouTube and Facebook pages for live-from-home concerts/recitals, and look for opportunities to take online lessons with some of your favorite artists (even the big names aren’t touring right now!).

Personally, I wil be adding content to my YouTube Channel and social media pages.  Additionally, I added a merch store where you can buy Schwebke Music and Schwebke Instrument Restoration shirts of all kinds and sizes.  If you have a moment and a few spare dollars feel free to check out the store HERE and go shopping!  

I still have about 100 copies of the CariJazz! EP available too.  Please email me directly to get one by making a donation to the Jazz Trials.  Recommended minimum donation is $6 to cover the CD and postage.   Mike(at)

Thanks for checking in and PLEASE stay healthy!


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