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Paa Kow Band Gigs and Rumba with 63rd Street Percussion

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy!  I got a chance to sit in with and INCREDIBLE group of muscians at shows in Chicago and Boulder, Colorado.  Paa Kow Band is a great Afro-Pop Fusion band that blends modern jazz and funk sounds with the traditional song and drum of Ghana, West Africa.  The band’s leader and namesake is an amazing drum set player and composer.  The band plays songs and instrumental pieces that are all of his composition and arrangement.  I’m very excited to join the band!  I will be joining them for festival dates and in the studio this fall.  I strongly recommend checking this band out if you like funky-Afro-jazz: 

On my way back from playing with Paa Kow at the Boulder Creek Music and Arts Festival, I stopped in Kansas City to see my friend Miko, owner of 63rd Street Percussion.  We played some rumba and checked out some cajons that are currently under construction.  If you are looking for Cuban trapezoid-style rumba cajons, 63rd Street is the only best place around.  

Schedule updates fro summer and fall performances are coming soon!  Thanks for checking in!

— mike

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