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Announcement time!

I have a couple exciting things to announce!

First and foremost:  I will be presenting a new music recital at NIU on October 31st at 8pm!  It will feature the works of Jason Mulligan, Aaron Gage, and Kyle Krause.  Most of the pieces will be world premiers and all of them will be regional premiers.  Hopefully you can make it to the recital hall after your trick-or-treating!

Second, I’ve added some hidden pages to my website for various projects I have running. 
For more information on “CARIJAZZ!” visit
For more information on the Jazz Trials at the Law Office visit

In the last year, I have also added a few social media outlets.  I can be found on Instagramw with exclusive content @schwebkemusic and @carijazz1.   As always I can be found on facebook under “Mike Schwebke, Percussion/Steelpan” and “Schwebke Instrument Restoration and Refinishing”

Thanks for checking in!  And hopefully I’ll see you soon!

— mike

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