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2015 is just around the corner!  2014 was a great year, and I’m finishing it up in Europe!

Taylor and I are doing a brief tour of Europe before she spends some time studying in Spain.  So far, we have seen Brussel, Leuven and Bruges in Belgium, Rothenburg in Germany, and Vienna in Austria.  In Leuven we saw the university music school and spent some time there with my great friend Aaron Spevak!   He showed us around the performance venues and practice spaces for percussion.  In Vienna (where we have another day or so, before heading to Spain), we got to see the national instrument collection of vintage orchestral instruments in the former Imperial Palace.  It was incredible!  They had some VERY old percussion instruments as well as violins, pianofortes, harps, horns and more!

Anway, Happy New Year Everyone!  Check back in January as I start to prepare for my trip to Trinidad!

— mike

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