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Past, Present, Future!

Past:  Here is a review from Dulcimer Player’s News from 2012.  There is a review of the tune “After Midnight” from the Kaleidoscope album!  This edition of the print DPN Magazine included a sampler CD for the subscribers, and “After Midnight” was on it!  That means that dulcimer players and folk-music fans all over North America got to hear the tune!  Click HERE to read the review.  If you want to hear a small sample of the tune, check out my Media page!

Present:  I’ve been working to expand my catalog of jazz standards and arrangements.  I will be working to have some of my arrangements published by next year!  Stay tuned for news on that!

Future:  I’m considering many different musical opportunities for the next few years.  There are several new music festivals and steelpan festivals that I will be making and effort to attend.  
As of this week, I can officially announce that I will be playing in Trinidad & Tobago’s National Panorama competition.  I can’t wait to perform with the Silver Stars Steel Orchestra under the direction of the Pouchets with an arrangement by Liam Teague!

As always, check back for updates!  If there is a tune you would like to see me arrange, send me a message!

— mike 

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