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Recital and NIU World Music Wrap-up!

Last week I gave my Chamber Music Recital at NIU after a weekend of NIU Steelband and Afro-Cuban Folkloric Ensemble concerts.

The concert with the Afro-Cuban Folkloric (run by Mike Mixtacki) was a great success!  It was a one-hour non-stop tour of Afro-Cuban Song and Drum.  The NIU Steelband did a show that was very different from some of its past concerts.  We played a Chris Tanner original with a horn section, added a rockin’ guitar solo to Tracy Thornton’s “In the Groove of Things,” and culminated in a Jit Samaroo original and the pop tune “Get Lucky.”  BOTH concerts were a blast to be a part of!

My recital fell on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  I was lucky to have Taylor home from Colorado and a very good turnout at the concert… even though it may have been the last event at NIU before the holiday.  I premiered one solo written by my good friend Kyle Krause as well as chamber pieces by Kyle and fellow percussionist Todd Jelinek.  It was a lot of work to put the recital together, but it was fun to give to a live audience and one on NIU’s webcast!

The NIU Steelband Concert, Cliff Alexis’s induction to the PAS Hall of Fame and my recital all got a shoutout in the Trinidad Gaurdian Newspaper early last week.  Click HERE to see the article.

There are many events this spring, so keep checking in for schedule updates!

— mike

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