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I had a blast presenting my guest recital at NIU last week.  I want to take a moment to share my deepest appreciation for everyone involved.  The three composers for their incredible work and dedication: Kyle Krause, Aaron Gage, and Jason Mulligan – you guys are awesome!

Thanks to Yuko, Paul, Scott, Joel, Jung-Bin, Claire, Fionna, Carolyn and Blaise for their incredible performances and for spending the time practicing and studying these new pieces of music.

Thanks to Liam and Cliff for having me back at NIU to present this material, and to the pan majors for helping strike some instruments from the stage! 

Finally, thanks to EVERYONE who came to watch (or who watched online, both in the US and abroad).  Everyone who reached out to me before and after the concert with comments and congratulations gets extra credit as well! 

More fun things coming up too!  More brand new pieces are in the works already, the final Jazz Trials for 2018 is at the end of the month, and then back to California for the next rendition of PANROCKS! with Tracy Thornton and friends!

Thanks for checking in!  Videos from the recital should be made available soon.  I will be sure to post content as it makes it online.

— mike

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